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A. Corticosteroids are a new class of over the counter allergy medications. They are a signaling molecule released by your body in response to stress from allergens. In allergic reactions, your immune system will attack what is causing the allergy, ultimately resulting in inflammation and the various symptoms (sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy nose, etc.) of your nasal allergies. While antihistamines act at the end of the inflammatory response (blocking the action of histamine), corticosteroids help prevent both inflammation of the nasal passages and mucus production from ever occurring. Because of this, there is a short delay between symptom onset and relief, but the relief you experience from prolonged use of corticosteroids will help prevent nasal allergy symptoms from popping up as long as they are taken.

A. Fluticare® is a nasal spray which provides 50 micrograms of fluticasone propionate (USP) per spray, a nasal corticosteroid that temporarily relieves seasonal and perennial nasal allergy symptoms.

A. Fluticare® provides 24-hour relief of your seasonal and perennial nasal allergy symptoms when used as directed. Nasal allergy symptoms include: • Nasal congestion • Runny nose • Sneezing • Itchy nose

A. Yes, Fluticare® can be used to relieve both indoor and outdoor nasal allergy symptoms caused by pollen, dust, animal dander, and other indoor and outdoor allergens.

A. Yes, Fluticare® is the same prescription strength formulation that you have received as an Rx.

A. Yes. Fluticare® is safe and recommended for daily use throughout your allergy season. *

A. Before your first use of Fluticare®, it is necessary to gently shake the bottle and prime the pump by pressing the nasal applicator up to six times. The bottle will need to be shaken before each use.

A. Since Fluticare® provides 24-hour allergy relief, you only need to use 2 sprays per nostril once per day. Always follow the directions on the label.

A.Like all nasal corticosteroids, the most common side effect is a mild bloody nose (epistaxis). A rare but serious side-effect, called a deviated septum, can result from the improper use of Fluticare®. To avoid a deviated septum, it is important that you follow the directions on how to properly use Fluticare®, particularly as they pertain to the angle you hold the bottle at while administering the medication.

A. Fluticare® is approved for use in patients 4 years of age and older. *

A. Since Fluticare® delivers a metered dose, it will deliver the same amount of medicine, regardless of how soft or hard you press down on the applicator. However, it will come out at a higher velocity if you press harder.

A. Fluticare® belongs to the class of OTC drugs known as glucocorticoids which act on glucocorticoid receptors early on in your body’s response to allergens to relieve your nasal allergy symptoms. Because of the way glucocorticoids work, Fluticare® is well suited for daily treatment of your nasal allergy symptoms. While some patients may experience some symptom relief after one day of use, it may take up to one week of daily use to experience the full benefit of Fluticare®. *

A. No. Unlike some OTC nasal allergy medications, Fluticare® is a non-drowsy nasal allergy symptom reliever.

A. You can take Fluticare® at any time of the day, regardless of when you choose to eat, sleep, wake-up or exercise. The important thing to remember is that, because Fluticare® provides 24-hour nasal allergy symptom relief, you only need to use it once per day, and for best results, it is recommended that Fluticare® be used at the same time each day to help provide around-the-clock nasal allergy symptom relief.

A. Ask your doctor before using Fluticare® if you are currently on any antifungal or medications for HIV or Hepatitis C.

A. The pump should be primed before initial use and after periods of non-use of one week or longer.

A. Although you may keep the exterior packaging, the drug facts are also available on the inside of the bottle’s label. Furthermore, there is a package insert that contains instructions regarding the proper maintenance and use of Fluticare®. For more information, see the Packaging Insert.

A. If the applicator becomes blocked, gently remove the applicator and let it soak in warm water. After soaking, rinse it under cold water, allow it to dry, and then place the applicator back on the bottle. Do NOT stick a pin or any other object into the hole.

A. Fluticare® will be available in the cold, flu and allergy section at grocery, drug, and mass merchandisers across America.

A. Fluticare® will be available in 15-day (60 spray) and 30-day (120 spray) package sizes.

A. After 120 sprays, there will be some medicine left in the bottle. However, we recommend discarding both the bottle and any remaining spray since the amount delivered thereafter may be substantially less than the amount of medicine required for a proper dose.

A. Unless your insurance plan covers non-prescription medications, Fluticare® will not be covered.

A. No. Similar to most non-prescription drug products, Fluticare® will be available on retail shelves in the Allergy section of drug stores, groceries, and mass stores nationwide. You can purchase it at your convenience.

A. No. Once the Food and Drug Administration allows a medication to be sold over-the-counter, it can be purchased by the general public as needed without a doctor’s prescription.

A. It is safe to use antihistamines with Fluticare® as needed, especially during the first few days of the allergy season when symptoms first begin. You should consult your doctor regarding possible interactions between Fluticare® and other allergy medications.

A. No. Allergy sufferers can use Fluticare® every day during their allergy season without experiencing a “rebound effect” to their nasal congestion.

A. No. Once a drug’s indications and dosage are transitioned to non-prescription classification, you can no longer use a prescription for that medication.

A. No, Fluticare® is not habit-forming.

A.Fluticare® use is not banned by any major sports league in the United States (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA). The only restriction on their use is DURING competition in events sanctioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency1.

A. When used as directed, Fluticare® has never shown up in blood tests. When used topically, levels of fluticasone propionate will only be detected in blood plasma tests if the dose administered exceeds the recommended doses and only in the occasional blood plasma sample.

A. Absolutely not. The steroids associated with increasing muscle mass, bouts of rage, and other uncontrolled physical alterations are anabolic steroids. Fluticare® does not contain an anabolic steroid. Fluticare®’s anti-inflammatory properties mimic a natural corticosteroid that is released in response to stress, such as an allergen entering your system. It helps your body recover from that stress, not build muscle mass. Fluticasone propionate belongs to a different class of steroids than anabolic steroids do.

A. Ask a doctor, pharmacist or other health care provider for more information about Fluticare® or visit *When used as directed. Please consult the drug facts label and package insert for more information regarding the proper use of Fluticare®. 1 World Anti-Doping Code “The 2012 Prohibited List: International Standard”, National Collegiate Athletic Association 2013-14 Banned Drugs, National Football League Players Association List of Prohibited Substances, 2011 National Basketball Association Collective Bargaining Agreement, Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program: Prohibited Substances.