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How to Prevent Pet Allergies from Getting Worse

Posted by Innovus Pharma on Apr 5th 2018

Pets are adorable but can be burdensome when they give you or a loved one allergies. Pet allergies usually occur due to contact with the urine, saliva, and especially dander which is dead skin f … read more

5 Tips for Working Outdoors with Allergies

Posted by Innovus Pharma on Mar 21st 2018

Allergy season is here, which means that the air is rife with pollen. You may already experience some allergy symptoms like constant sneezing, runny rose, nasal congestion, and coughing.The most e … read more

Common Allergy Causes in Your Home Right Now

Posted by Innovus Pharma on Feb 21st 2018

When people think of allergies, they typically think of spring and fall seasonal allergies, but there is also a lesser-known type of hay fever called “perennial allergic rhinitis.” You may suffer f … read more

Could Diet Be Worsening Your Seasonal Allergies?

Posted by Innovus Pharma on Feb 7th 2018

Have you ever noticed certain food seem to worsen your seasonal allergies? If so, you may be experiencing oral allergy syndrome (OAS), or pollen-food allergy. Oral allergy syndrome normally affects … read more