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Spring is Coming – Are You Ready?

Posted by Innovus Pharma on Mar 7th 2018

There is no avoiding it. Spring is coming whether you want it to or not. For spring allergy sufferers, spring means runny noses, sniffles, congestion, itchy eyes, and other scary allergy symptoms. 

But these allergy symptoms can be reduced, if extra precautions are taken before and during allergy season. What are they?

Here is a list of things you can do to prepare for the upcoming spring:

1. Start Monitoring Your Pollen

Pollen levels always vary, depending on weather conditions. When spring weather is abnormally warmer or wetter, you can expect pollen season to come shortly after.

Since weather conditions cannot be changed, the best we can do is look at the pollen forecast before spring and prepare accordingly. Here is a pollen tracker to keep track of your pollen.

2. Take Your Allergy Medicine Beforehand

It is a mistake to take your allergy medicine during allergy season. Most allergy medicine, especially oral antihistamines, takes at least a week to lessen allergy symptoms. So, should you take your medication a week before the start of pollen season?

 The answer is no. Two weeks before the start of the allergy season is the general rule. Allergy medicines vary in the time they take full effect, so consuming them two weeks in advance allows almost all medicine to be working at max capacity in your body when the season hits.

3. Close Your Windows

Each year, weather conditions change and cause the pollen season to also change. As a result, if your windows are not closed when the pollen season comes, you will allow pollen to get into your home by accident. The outcome is not fun.

Be sure to close your windows before an allergy disaster happens because otherwise you would become a disaster!

4. Stock Up on Necessities and More

What is the point of this? To reduce your outdoor time and subsequent pollen exposure. By shopping for canned foods, dried goods, cleaning supplies, and other home necessities ahead of time, you avoid spending extra time outdoors during allergy season.

Also, stocking up on cleaning products gives you the additional benefit of cleaning your home during allergy season. This prevents the accumulation of pollen and other allergy triggers from assaulting you at home.

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