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How to Prevent Pet Allergies from Getting Worse

Posted by Innovus Pharma on Apr 5th 2018

Pets are adorable but can be burdensome when they give you or a loved one allergies. Pet allergies usually occur due to contact with the urine, saliva, and especially dander which is dead skin flakes of cats, dogs, and even birds. Specifically, the body attacks the protein allergen and shows allergy symptoms such as wheezing, rashes, itchy eyes, and more.

What should you do? The natural response is to abandon the pet. But maybe it is your family pet or your friend who will be out of town and desperately needed a caretaker for their pet. Whatever your case may be, there are ways to reduce your pet allergies.

1. Keep your pet outdoors more often

By leaving your pet outdoors rather than indoors, you reduce the amount of allergen deposited onto your home. For pet allergy sufferers, any contact with your pet should be followed with a shower and a change of clothes.

2. Keep your pet out of the bedroom and other places

If your pet is part of your home, then consider barring the bedrooms of those affected by pet allergies. It is also worthwhile to consider keeping your pets off carpets and furniture to reduce exposure to allergens.

3. Clean after your pet

Dusting and wiping down all surfaces including walls will minimize pet dander exposure for you or your loved one. When vacuuming, ensuring that your vacuum has a HEPA filter and that the pet allergy sufferer has a filter mask will reduce allergy symptoms from stirred-up allergens.

If you have forced-air heating and air-conditioning, then either closing the air registers or attaching a HEPA filter over them will reduce allergen circulation. If not, putting a HEPA filter over your heater or air conditioner will have a similar result. Purchasing an air purifier with a HEPA filter is also a good idea.

4. Consider washing the pet regularly

Washing your pet at least twice a week can reduce the amount of pet dander shed, especially if you have a dog. However, the process of preparing your pet for washing may cause more pet dander around the home and prove to be counter-productive.

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